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Why reach out-now?

•This organization was formed to reach out to the people in need whereever they live irrespective of their ethnicity, now.

Who is running this organization?

•This organization is solely run by volunteers with no hierachy. This is an organization for everyone who shares the same objective and vision.

What are your objectives?

•As the name states, to reach out to those in need, now. We operate by inclusion and not by exclusion.

What are your current projects?

•To reach out to the interally displaced people (IDPs) in the Vanni area of Sri Lanka

How will my money reach the IDPs?

•We are currently working with All Ceylon Hindu Congress (an NGO formed in 1950's) which has the ministry clearence to visit and provide relielf supplies to the IDPs directly. (See Ministerial Section of our web site for approval documents) We have also contacted the ministry of social services in Sri Lanka and obtained confirmation that the said organizations had been allowed to visit the IDPs with relief material.

What is your administrative cost?

•As an organization solely run by volunteers, we do not have any administrative cost.

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